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Artists Want to Sell Art!

I love drawing, I love the act of it. I love where it puts my head, into a focused meditation on line, space, form and composition. I love that I lose time and the act of drawing can instantly improve my mood and when practiced over time, improve my long-term health.

But truth be told- I'm struggling under the weight of my love of drawing! Cupboard shelves are groaning trying to support the piles of charcoal, graphite and ink works on paper that have seemingly bred in my storage space. And I'm not the only one...

The familiar moan of artists who come to Grace Art Events Life Drawing Sessions regularly is the same. Artworks are piling up, studios are over-crowded. "I need to sell more work" is the catch cry, not to mention the money that would be nice. And the affirmation that one, "should" indeed keep making, having your work desired is nice.

Another common groan is that artists feel they lack the time to market their own work and just want to keep making. They don't want to think about money and they don't want to have to be salesy. I hate to be the one to say it, but very rarely is an artist going to be "discovered" and made. Very rarely is an artist going to have a dedicated agent taking care of galleries and sales while they just make art. The truth is it's a job like any other and the more control you can have over your own brand and marketing, the more likely it is you will succeed at selling more art. People buy because they like the artist and their story as much as they buy because they like the artwork. No one is going to tell your story better than you.

It's more than a job, or a hobby or a passion. Art is an expression and it's meant to be shared. It's what connects us as humans. So it's the artist's responsibility to think of the business of art as an art, as a practice, just as important as practicing your technique.

I'm a bit weird in that my day job is Fine Art and my hobby is online marketing. I love marketing and I love learning about new trends and ways for artists and creatives to have more control over their incomes and grow their businesses online. And I love sharing with my networks when I hit upon something that I think will make life easier for other artists too.

So I was a bit excited when I came across Fine Art Photographer, Jason Matias. We met in business circles, but the name of his signature program jumped out at me when I saw the name, The Art of Selling Art.

The name of his program reminded me of my favourite Andy Warhol quote, “Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.” And when I got inside his program I wasn't disappointed!

Jason has seriously thought of everything, from admin stuff like SEO backlinks to your website (and making a website), social media marketing and finding collectors, tax and artwork-tracking to contracts, exhibiting at art fairs and tips on finding your voice as an artist to create compelling work.

He shows you examples of what he is doing day to day in his Fine Art business, from creating databases so you can track your collections to making quality Certificates of Authenticity for your artworks. And now I'm in the program, there is ongoing support and further networking opportunities in the closed TASA facebook community making valuable international connections with other creatives.

This is the Beta launch of The Art of Selling Art program, so more sections are being added all the time- but that also means it's currently on sale for the Beta group price which will increase in future. I highly recommend you get in now with a one-time payment for lifetime membership, before the price goes up! It means you may wait for some of the info as it's built, but it will be more expensive by the time it's finished and you'll have lifetime access.

So to all the artists who have been looking for that support to get your work out to the world I can't recommend this highly enough! Jump in now and join me in the Beta group! There is no set structure for the lessons, just pick and choose from what you want to know right now. Start where you are at.

The TASA community is an awesome place to be, surrounded by other passionate creatives supporting and encouraging each other along our artistic paths, geeking out together on holographic security stickers and where to buy nice paper and getting the business of our businesses in order. Come and join me in making the business of selling art a priority in 2019!

Still not sure?

To encourage anyone who might be on the fence about jumping in, I will be running some extra workshops through Grace Art Events, so that we can also have a more local group, meet face to face and support each other's TASA journey. Anyone who signs up through my link will get first preference for any workshops and discounted workshop prices. Just let me know what you would like extra support with, possibilities include- a website building workshop at The Edge, a workshop on photographing artwork, a group exhibition or more relaxed and informal meet-ups to share wins and frustrations. Perhaps you'd like support around something else? Signing up for TASA through my link means you'll have the local support and network as well the international TASA community.

Artwork by Jason Matias- The Art of Selling Art

If you're keen to find out more, join Jason for the LIVE WEBINAR:

7 Principals of Marketing and How They Apply To Artists https://theartofsellingart.lpages.co/tasa-live-webinar

There are 3 dates to choose from- the second date on the 28th of Feb is the best for our time zone in Australia.

7pm PST or 1pm Friday in Brisbane or 2pm in Sydney & Melbourne.

Only 150 seats available.

To register now >>>>

Joining TASA means you'll be joining me in the group as well! Let's make selling more art a priority in 2019! I’ll see you at the webinar on Friday at 1pm!

PS - if you’re not interested in hanging out with me (…and that Jason guy) for 60 minutes, because you’re ready to enroll in The Art of Selling Art right now, here’s my affiliate link >>>> https://theartofsellingart.lpages.co/the-art-of-selling-art-sarah-greenwood/

Watch Jason Matias' TEDx Talk:Beautiful Things That Are Gone

Photographing Sensual Nudes, painting grand landscapes, burning gunpowder on canvas...

What do all these artists have in common? 

They all need to sell their work to survive. 

All three niches and more are represented by artists you’ll meet inside Jason Matias’ The Art of Selling Art program. These artists and others have packaged or are packaging their expertises into successful art careers.  What is success in art? 

True, success means different things to different people.  Photographers and artists join The Art of Selling Art with different goals in mind. Some want to make enough to pay for the hobby, others want a side income from ‘job’ they love. Still others, like Jason, seek to earn a full time income from their craft. 

“I find so much value in focusing on the Business side of things. Technique is great and very important (it’s a little more glamorous to teach it seems like) but it won’t pay the bills. The content you’re (Jason) providing is far more valuable, in my opinion.” - Nicole York

“I learned more from you in two free videos than I’ve learned anywhere on the internet” - Anita Gulp

The above is why Jason created The Art of Selling Art. Art as a business requires a business mindset and business skills and tools. These things are just not taught anywhere in the art world. Not in university, not on the web. 

I think artists need this and that is why I’m sharing The Art of Selling Art with you. 

  • I’ve been inside The Art of Selling Art platform and I feel like it is a buffet of information. Each individual instalment is worth the $495 investment individually! Inside you’ll find: 

  • How to find collectors using social media

  • The Complete Guide to Art Fairs

  • How to go around gate keepers and talk to VITO (Very important top official)

  • How to get published.

  • Tips for getting featured in art marketplaces

  • You’ll find a family of driven artists helping each other through the TASA community

  • The tools you need to find the people to market to on Facebook Advertising

  • Email marketing

  • And a ton of invaluable insights and tips on the business mindset

  • How to master “what matters” in your businessLive Coaching Calls inside the Member’s Only room

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