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Life Model Training Online- Beta Program

Learn how to be an
Artist's Model!

Inspire great works of art, improve your fitness &
body confidence and gain flexible, exciting &
interesting employment posing as a Life Model for
Art Schools, Community Art Classes & Fine Artists!

Life Model Training is the FASTEST way to learn the secrets of the Art Model trade so that you can start working as a Freelance Art Model as soon as you complete the course.


Give Artists poses that inspire so that you will get repeat work, even becoming a muse! 

Get fit, increase body confidence and even travel the world with your new profession!

A Quick Recap of What You'll Experience in the Program:

Background- A short history of life drawing, and aims and outcomes of this program.


Best Practice for Models- Start your Life Modelling career on the right foot knowing professional practices that will set you apart from amateurs. 


Posing & Poses- Learn the various pose times that you will be expected to hold and what kinds of poses you will be expected to do. Also learn tips and tricks for dealing with pain, shaking and /or discomfort. 


Improve Self Confidence- see yourself through the eyes of fine artists! Use Life Modelling as a workout to increase your fitness and strength. Be confident in your abilities & knowledge of your industry. Learn what makes a model a muse- one that may inspire a great or famous work of art! 



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  • Supplement another part-time income from performance, music or visual arts with flexible work hours and no long term commitment. 

  • Visual Artists- get free art tuition while you pose at Art Schools, Universities & Community Classes.

  • Gain body confidence posing for Fine Artists and/or Photographers by learning how to present your best self and see yourself through the eyes of Fine Artists!

  • Use modeling as a workout. Get paid to improve your fitness & strength by holding poses that work out your body!

  • Get paid while you travel! Many models travel all over the world with their work- artists draw, paint, sculpt & photograph models everywhere!

How much does Life Model Training Online cost? 

Many models start out without any formal training, what they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be... 

or worse... 

the costs associated with every mistake they make with the jobs they DO get! 

"As an artist, when I first started hiring freelance models, I would have people contact me looking for work and tell me that they had experience- only to show up, not have a clue of what to do, not behave in a professional manner, make me look bad for hiring them and expect me to pay them a big chunk of my hard earned cash at the end! Needless to say, they didn't get called back! Sometimes these models lost me customers at my classes and their unprofessional behaviour reflected badly on my business, which meant I'd tell my artist peers including other life drawing convenors my experiences with these models also. As my business grew, I couldn't any longer take the risk- so I'd only hire models I already knew were experienced. This is WHY it can be so DIFFICULT to break into modelling as a profession! Hiring new models is a RISK! One that not many Life Drawing Convenors, Art Schools and Artists want to take. Having to train models on the job is a waste of the artist's time and money. "
Sarah Greenwood- Owner/ Fine Artist & Life Drawing Convenor & Facilitator- Grace Art Events

How much is a new career worth? A career that you can travel all over the world with? 

Cut the learning curve so that you can get down to business as soon as possible and start earning as a professional model who is ready to work with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide artists with poses that inform, excite and inspire them to create their best work and become raving fans or even consider you as their muse! 

As this is the Beta Launch of Life Model Training Online- you can access Life Model Training Online for a super special price of AU $149, as you will be able to access modules and bonuses as they are created. When the course officially launches the price will be increasing, so get in on this Beta Launch to take advantage of this price! 


Trainees will get LIFETIME ACCESS to all training modules and bonuses. As well as the training, you'll also get Live Q & A Sessions with Fine Artist & Life Drawing Convenor Sarah Greenwood, and access to the online community of models and artists. Get feedback on your poses, share information about new classes/ life drawing sessions etc. This is a place to support and encourage each other on your life modelling journey.