Grace Art Events is a community of artists and models who come together to draw, learn, exhibit, network and celebrate together.


Grace Art Events now holds weekly drawing sessions on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Both nights are currently untutored life drawing sessions and are open to any artist who wants to come and draw. We start with warm-up poses from 1 minute and progress to 15-20 minute poses. 


Both sessions run from 7-9pm

Sadly our costume sessions were too quiet to keep running at the moment. Join the email list to be kept updated on future costume sessions and other workshops and events. 

Uniting Church Hall- 11 Sussex Street, West End. Come down the drive and through the kitchen. To park in the car park- follow the drive to the back of the hall. 


We often come together to exhibit our work, network, learn, share and sometimes even organise dinners and networking events.
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If you are new to "life drawing", also known as "figure drawing" check the wiki description > HERE


"The artist's job is to bring back the consciousness that nothing is really necessary, that rational decisions and facts and events, are no more important than imaginary ones."

francesco clemente

Nude Life Drawing Sessions-


Our life drawing sessions are set up with 12 tables (or more as required) in the round and a stage in the centre for the model to pose on. We have overhead spotlighting and fluros on in half the room. If you prefer more light to work by, it's best to get there early to make sure you get a spot on the lighter side of the room.


Some drawing boards are available for use and one easel is available for use and you are welcome to bring your own easel or table easel also. 


We start out with 1-minute poses and work our way up to 15-20 minute poses at the end
of the session. 


Grace Art Events life drawing sessions are fairly relaxed- we play music and artists sometimes have a chat while they draw. Some artists find the music and chatter difficult at first, but we actively encourage social interaction- we pride ourselves on creating a friendly, welcoming environment and we encourage artists to get to know each other and be a part of our community. Also when you really get into the flow of drawing, you will be amazed at how you suddenly begin to tune out any other sounds around you! 


Please note that models are never to be touched or photographed without express permission from the model. Life drawing sessions are a kind of sacred space, and we expect our models to feel safe and respected at all times. 







Costume Life Drawing Sessions-


Until recently every second Wednesday we invited a performer to come and pose for our costume life drawing sessions.


Costume sessions are an opportunity for artists to meet and collaborate with artists from other disciplines such as musicians, burlesque performers, actors, designers, pole performers, shibari artists, circus performers and sometimes life models just rocking a cool costume.


Often our costume models will pose in the first half of the session and perform in the second half. This is a great opportunity to practice drawing movement, and if artists are struggling they can sit back and enjoy the performance. We have had some really amazing, intimate concerts with musicians, circus performers, shibari rope artists, pole performers and actors. 


Some of our costume sessions are suitable for young people, but some are not, so best to check the event details if you'd like to bring children or teens along.

We will still have occasional costume sessions at our classes e.g. The Halloween Special, and portrait sessions- Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed of upcoming events, parties and workshops. 


If you are a musician or performer who would like to be involved in one of our upcoming costume events please contact us via our contact page

Drawing Workshops at The Planting Festival- Woodford

Sarah Greenwood Fine Artist
Owner/ Manager
Drawing Tutor
Life Model Trainer
Workshop Facilitator


Loni Mills Fine Artist
Drawing Tutor
Life Model Trainer
Workshop Facilitator


Clare Cowley Fine Artist & Model
Drawing Tutor
Hen's Party Hostess
Workshop Facilitator
Life Model


Travis Hendrix Fine Artist

Life Drawing Facilitator


Rebekah Evans Fine Artist 
Drawing Tutor
Workshop Facilitator


Drawing Workshops- Festivals/ Corporate/ School/ Private


We have run corporate drawing workshops as bonding days, school workshops and tutored life drawing sessions for private parties, hen's parties and festivals.


We can tailor workshops to teach a specific skill such as a workshop on light and shade or drawing movement or run a general tutored life drawing session. 


Models can pose in swimwear or costume for school and corporate sessions if required. 


BYO venues, food or snacks and a photographer are all things that can be arranged, among other things. The only limit is your imagination! 


If you are interested in booking a workshop please see our contact page for more details. 





11 Sussex Street, West End, 4101

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Sarah Greenwood, Fine Artist

Owner/ Manager at Grace Art Events. Life Drawing Facilitation, Drawing Tuition, Life Model Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Arts Business and Marketing.